Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Warmth in the Storm....

"ok, LOVED your repore with the audience,, everyone got so into it from the teens to the Rebbetzins and you really have a great repetoire of songs from the Neshama. I was crying as you sang the hidden part of me, I guess I am still a real emotionalist, again it was lovely to share the show with you and hope maybe we will have other opportunities in the future...all the best with the new album looking forward ,, and best to you and your lovely little girls.."

Just (barely) got back from Cleveland thanks to the Mesiras Nefesh of a very capable driver who literally put his life on the line to get me to the airport. GOD BLESS YOU. For this trip I got me a new carry-on, remembered to take cds to sell and had my backup ipods all charged. I did however forget my CAMERA, and will be relying on the kindness of strangers AKA my new Cleveland friends to put together this post. So far this is all I got, thanks to Malka and Lory....I'll post more about it later in the day;it's almost seven and I gotta put up some oatmeal for the kiddies. Very normal life going on here,,,

In other news, the new album is in full swing. Here's Schneur banging out some guitar tracks. He's amazing and a breeze to work with.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flying high with a little birdie in Cincinnatti

I've been down to Ohio a few times; years ago I sang in Dayton for Fayga's cousin's Bas Mitzvah party, and then there's the annual Friendship Circle Counselor party in Cleveland. But Fayga Mangel's Bas Mitzvah up in Cincinnati was as unique and memorable as she is. Firstly my mother is Fayga so I feel a strong connection to this beautiful name. I totally appreciated the musical bird centerpieces.

Then there was the face that this was an ALL DESERT PARTY. Yup you heard me. Cake all the way, first course, second course and well, for desert. Lastly, was the delivery and content of the Bas Mitzvah speech! Witty, smart and confident, both mom and daughter were as comfortable in front of the mike as I was! We attempted a sit-down concert but ended up dancing non-stop for well over and hour. I took a couple shots from where I was standing to give you all an idea what kinda Simcha was goin' down in Ohio yesterday. Mazal Tov Fayga and thanks a bunch for having me at your party. It was terrific meeting your many adorable friends and cousins!

Here's a shot of Fayga and all her good friends. What a great bunch, Fayga's a lucky girl is so many ways.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"There was a sweet girl who had a Bas Mitzvah..."

Meet Yael.

A smart and beautiful girl part of a triplet. These are her 2 brothers.And this is the lovely party her parents prepared for her special day.

Although I've been to Arizona before this was my first time in Tucson which made this wonderful trip all the more memorable for me. First of all, two words: Awesome Party!!! Fresh Pizza straight from a PIZZA OVEN, cake bar, salad bar, pasta bar(!) unlimited soft drinks and just the sweetest Mom and daughter combo ever.
We really had a great time together, watching a slideshow of Yael's life (so far, poo, poo, poo), performing an original dance number to "The Crown of Creation" and dancing the night away until our shoes were worn thin. Yael, Mazal Tov and thank you for sharing you Simcha with me!

p.s. Thanks for the book, we are obsessed (hence the title of the post.); cayotes, cactus, chiles, who knew?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

B'nos Mitzvos

With the new year around the corner and a couple of Bas Mitzvah party bookings, I thought I'd post a couple snapshots of Bas Mitzvah girls I sang for over the years. I'm going through the archives so more to come. P.S. If you have a picture of us together , please email it to me so I can post it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Across the borders, we know no boundaries....

This past Wednesday I was in Peabody Ma. for a "Spa for the Soul" hosted by Shlucha Raizel Shusterman. Here are some pictures from that night. These pictures only ever so so slightly capture the electrifying mood. We laughed, we cried, we were touched by a personalized "Sister, Sister" slideshow Raizel's sisters emailed in, and we bonded over a night of massages, manicures and music. Thank you Raizel for a great ladies night out!

It's been a busy concert month, and Sunday preceding Peabody, I sang at Sparks Center fundraiser, in a (gorgeous) private residence in Flatbush, Brooklyn. A wonderful organization that raises awareness and money for new mothers suffering from PPD. I learned a lot about this issue and was inspired to see how many women turned out for this very important cause. The hostess really enjoyed the music. She came over to me after and said "Music is so powerful, you're so blessed..." She then described to me how her and her sisters sang to their dying mother till the moment she passed away. I always hear little stories from my audience but this once really gave me the chills. For more information about Sparks visit http://www.sparkscenter.org/.

One Sunday later, I was back on the road, this time headed to Lake Worth, Fl. where Leah Rosenfeld hosted her monthly women's group in honor of Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.
Like I joked at the ladies; the room decor and dessert tables were set up so beautifully and perfectly, I knew something would have to be imperfect on my end. But what's a missing mike stand when you have a room full of adorable, upbeat women ready to sing right along? We stuck the mike into a foam centerpiece, taped it onto the Shtender and got right to the music. (Necessity is the mother of all inventions right?) Leah, you're tables were set stunningly and your white chocolate chip cookies have popped into my head a few times already since my trip. Thank you for having me, I hope to be back next year!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating the Jewish Woman in San Francisco

Sunday Lag Baomer, I was in San Francisco, by the Labkowski's where I sang at their first ever all women's event. An inspired Tea Party, in the most beautiful hall, complete with scrumptious cakes and tea sandwiches that hit the spot as perfectly as the wonderful speech Shulamis delivered on the theme (see title). Can you tell from the pictures just how stunning it all came together?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Lamplighters

I sang again last night for the Tzierai Shluchos winter camp. I recognized a bunch of faces from Bas Mitzvos I've sung at and a few faces that looked just like my old (shlichis bound) classmates. A very special (huge) group of girls that certainly have "lives full of meaning" and "homes full of light". It was my honor to spend a short amount of time with such important little people.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Vatispalel Chana"

On a mountain of Israel two women are known
One walks with children, while one walks alone
Day after day turns to year after year
The yearning inside turns to pain she can’t bear

No words can console her, no love can replace
Her arms start to tremble, her whole body shakes
A womb oh so empty, a heart filled with pain
Her grief knows no boundaries and tears form like rain

Vatispalel Chana, she prayed all the while
Have I been forgotten, don’t I get a child?
I don’t ask for many, just give me one
In return your maid Chana will give you her son

Vatispalel Chana, na na na na na na na
Vatispalel Chana, she prays for a child

Eili HaCohen watches from far
Daughter of Israel tell me who you are
Your whispers have traveled, your home will be blessed
So now go in peace for he’ll grant your request

Her tefillos accepted, her prayers are heard
He gives her a child, she gives Him her word
A son only borrowed, a son she would raise
Her joy knows no boundaries and G-d she does praise

Vatispalel Chana, she turns to the skies
Hashem You’re my Savior, Hashem upon High
Ein Tzur Kelokaynu, Hashem You are One
And blessed be Your Name for You gave me a son

Vatispalel Chana I turn to the sky
Hashem you’re my savior, Hashem upon High
Ein Tzur Kelokaynu, Hashem You are One
And blessed be Your name for You gave me a son
And blessed be Your name, now I’ll give You my son

Vatispalel Chana, na na na na na na na na
Vatispalel Chana, and she prayed for a child

Girls just want to have fun

I sang last night for the Chof Bes Shvat convention Melavah Malkah. "Montreal in the house! Miami represent! Bet Reeevkah of Pareeee!!!!!!!" Total chaos at times but a real blast; a super excited, energetic, beautiful group of girls from all over the world, singing in one voice, the nigunim that unite Chasidim worldwide. Thanks girls for a fun night out, and be in touch with all those pictures we took together. Here are some clips.