Thursday, June 17, 2010

Across the borders, we know no boundaries....

This past Wednesday I was in Peabody Ma. for a "Spa for the Soul" hosted by Shlucha Raizel Shusterman. Here are some pictures from that night. These pictures only ever so so slightly capture the electrifying mood. We laughed, we cried, we were touched by a personalized "Sister, Sister" slideshow Raizel's sisters emailed in, and we bonded over a night of massages, manicures and music. Thank you Raizel for a great ladies night out!

It's been a busy concert month, and Sunday preceding Peabody, I sang at Sparks Center fundraiser, in a (gorgeous) private residence in Flatbush, Brooklyn. A wonderful organization that raises awareness and money for new mothers suffering from PPD. I learned a lot about this issue and was inspired to see how many women turned out for this very important cause. The hostess really enjoyed the music. She came over to me after and said "Music is so powerful, you're so blessed..." She then described to me how her and her sisters sang to their dying mother till the moment she passed away. I always hear little stories from my audience but this once really gave me the chills. For more information about Sparks visit

One Sunday later, I was back on the road, this time headed to Lake Worth, Fl. where Leah Rosenfeld hosted her monthly women's group in honor of Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.
Like I joked at the ladies; the room decor and dessert tables were set up so beautifully and perfectly, I knew something would have to be imperfect on my end. But what's a missing mike stand when you have a room full of adorable, upbeat women ready to sing right along? We stuck the mike into a foam centerpiece, taped it onto the Shtender and got right to the music. (Necessity is the mother of all inventions right?) Leah, you're tables were set stunningly and your white chocolate chip cookies have popped into my head a few times already since my trip. Thank you for having me, I hope to be back next year!