Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Night Out With The Girls (and my daughter's Morah!)

I sang last night for the post-sem girls out on Shlichus all over the world. The energy was fantastic, the mood was fun,fun, fun and the noise level was staggering. But we sang, and laughed and just breezed through songs one after the other, everyone singing full chorus. Thank you for a great night out that didn't include a flight or long car drive. My favorite shows are the ones right next door. Crown Heights in the HOUSE!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cuz some feedback is better than others...

" I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance on Wednesday (The Continental - in Williamsburg). I'd never heard you sing before, but after that performance I bought one of your albums and I hadn't stopped listening to it since (except of course when my kids want to hear their childrens' tapes - you know how you said that kids tend to "take over" every part of one's life... lol). I already learned the words to "My Business" by heart and the more I sing it, the more I believe it.
Well anyway, I just wanted to say Thank you for a very inspirational experience."

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Monsey Moment

"Thank you for all your help putting together what turned out to be a fantastic concert! The event was a great success...and of course everybody loved Chanale , especially the kids!! "

So Monsey was on my radar last night, as I headed out there for a long overdue concert. Rachel Ravitz and Shoshana Bander 'united in song' with me for a leibidig, full house made up of a combination of yeshivish, chasidish and lubavitch gals of all ages. I had the adorable Udi join me on stage for 'Siste, Sister' and then the entire 5th grade of the Lubavitch Cheder up on the stage for 'Run Run Runaway'. After that we ran through a buncha favorites ending the night with an acoustic "LeShana Haba BiYirushalayim". What a night! I had my new groupies make it after seeing me Wednesday in Williamsburg; they brought the whole clan this time and were so super excited about the show. I love those girls, just so happy and enthusiastic about it all. Thank you Bracha Michaninov for pulling it all together and to Shimona for your MCing. Monsey, it was great to see you, my old and new friends! I should be getting a chock of photos from Bracha so I'll post them all shortly. Here are a few from my camera. P.S. I sang "Taking Over My Heart" a song from the new album due out Purim time and it was love at first note....I hope you're ready.... Shout out to my#1 fan Tzurty and to Estie and Faygie, and Naama and Miriam. It was so nice to see you all!!