Monday, January 16, 2012

A Monsey Moment Take Two

Dearest Chanale!
I am responding to your performance at A.S.H.A.R. on Sunday night.I was moved by your music! Not only by your stunning voice and musical talent, but what I saw in your personality was very inspiring!I felt in your energy a lot of integration and spirituality!I would like to request please your free download song, that you offered there.I also want to comment on your blogs in your web; I liked them! Very intelligent!

Your concert was great! It was my first time seeing you in person AND singing so last night was a great night for me. Thank you so much! Your songs were great as always and thanks a lot for autographing my program

Your singing is very energizing and effective. No one else can get meto dance at a concert like that!


Hi I was at your concert yesterday in Monsey. You truly are an

inspiration to young girls your songs boost self confidence and loveof yidishkeit! I would love the download for apple ipod you mentioned yesterday! Where can I buy your CDs I would love to get for my nieces!

Hey Chana’le
Nice to see you tonight. You made my girls, and especially my youngest’s (year!!)I’m so happy I bought the new CD. Need something new to listen to in the car.Its been a full year of “I don’t need a license” Its really special how you take the time to make all the little nudniks happy. They all left on a high! Thanks again for a great evening.

You were so amazing tonight in Monsey by chabad! i just love your cds! i bought the new one.. keep it up you've got a gift from Hashem

Last night was the annual "Women Uniting Through Song" concert in Monsey.  I'm calling it annual because after experiencing a Monsey audience twice, I'll be making sure there is 'chazaka' only so this special night becomes one we can experience over and over again for years to come.

Here's how it all went down.

 This is Esther Freeman. Talented and gorgeous, she was brilliant. If you can get your hands on her new single release, do so 'cuz she is making music that MOVES people. The tear-wrenching, gut-busting, soul-searchin' kinda stuff that only a truly gifted from G-d woman can write (and sing). 
This is the Kol Isha Choir. What can I say? I'm a basket case for harmonies and they didn't hit an off-note. Pure vocal perfection. Their sweet voices filled the hall, corner to corner, and not a woman in the audience breathed until they were done. I kid you not. These gals got the crowd sitting silently like first graders on the first day of school (who have an awesome captivating teacher).
Then there was the gorgeous sparkly curtains that glowed like the brightest Chanukah Menorah in town and Esther sparkled her way through a gorgeous set of 4 powerful ballads.
These are some of the cuties in the audience. The girl in the middle? I sang at her Bas Mitzvah not long ago. Hi Rosie.
By the time I got onstage, the audience had warmed up (literally too, it was frigid in New York last night and it took some time until the heat kicked in) and were ready to absolutely live in the moment.
Malky sat in the front row and sang every word to every song. I kid you not. See Malky in purple argyle sweater.
See Malky onstage. She sang amazingly. I almost surrendered the mike to this natural tenor.
The girls agreed. It was hysterical. Maybe fifty adorable girls, red-faced, and smiley, jumping up and down like little jack in the boxes in front of the stage. I wanted to scoop them all up in a bear hug. We were totally on the same page. Until I realized some of their mothers went to school with me....
My grandfather's sister Morah Blanka. In the flesh. At my concert. My life is complete.
I leave you with my #1 fan Tzurty. I know she is for real cuz she had me sign her guitar. With a permanent marker. Now that is love.
Next Motzei Shabbos is the Russian N'shei Event where me and my choir club will be performing. It is in Crown Heights, Lubavitcher Yeshiva at about 8pm. I will update the details later this week if you would like to attend. I am going to miss these girls when we're done. 
We'll get you some video from this concert soon. Til then, have a great week.


  1. It was such an awesome concert!! Thanks so much!

  2. Sounds amazing! Wish I could come to all of these things!!
    And ps...I noticed your sparkly shoes!!

  3. Seems you couldn't stay away from blogging. Catchy, no?
    Thanks - missed your style

  4. that curtain is AWESOME! i laughed at " Until I realized some of their mothers went to school with me...." ha!

  5. Chanale you are kind with your words and overflowing with love from the heart....Can't thank you enough for all the constant support you give me on a daily basis and for your sisterly care. Ok enough of the mushy stuff...we look a like no? :)


  7. one of the most EPIC moments of my life!
    No1 rocks like you!! god, I just cant get enough!!
    I dont know how to post not anonymous here but Im sure you know me well ;)

  8. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.