Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Quick Catch Up

The music never stops.

Mazal Tov to my Bas Mitzvah girls this month! Every party was beautiful, with gorgeous tables and centerpieces, and festivities that were not limited to pink feathers, a musical birthday cake, purim mask painting, endless sushi and pretty, pretty party dresses!!) At each party I was touched by the adorable slide shows and perfectly poised Bas Mitzvah girls delivering their speeches with confidence. And for that reason, Bas Mitzvah parties are my favorite venues these days...

Thank you for having me,

Toby Leverton

Sara Lazar
Estie Greenbaum
Nana Zarchi

Rivky Taichman
(Rivky, send me the pictures so I can post them here!)

There were also Purim Parties with spirited high school girls,
Singing Sisters,
Double 3rd Birthday Parties,

and casting for the new Mitzvah Boulevard video.

Hadassa and Yaffa, seasoned actresses by now!!
All in all it's been busy and wonderful.

This week I'm headed to Detroit for the Jewish Women's Circle Gala hosted by Zeesy Silberberg. I always look forward to making new friends in new towns, so see you soon in West Bloomfield.

I'll be back with some more top ten lists, and a full review of "A Jewish Star" concert later this week.
Enjoy the gorgeous weather. My tree should be in full bloom any day now.


  1. What a teaser! Would love to hear more about the "double third party" - that looked like a really gorgeous event. What's up with the singing sisters? New music being created? Your girls look gorgeous posing for the new video. Can't wait for the full scoop!

  2. i love the 'is it shabbos yet' its very cute and who are these singing sisters?

  3. Nice to hear from you! We miss your beautiful, upbeat posts!

  4. R u going to post again I miss u it brightens up my days!!