Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mishaneh Makom Mishaneh Mazal

To blessed to be stressed is the mantra running through my mind these days.  I have been singing almost round the clock and thanking Hashem every step of the way for the opportunities that keep presenting themselves to me. It's hard to say no when your job is so much more than a job!! Three times a charm for Chabad of Lakeworth and the wonderful Leah Rosenfeld whose woman's evening was so so beautiful as usual. 

This year:
Last year:
Leah do you have pictures from 4 years ago???

I havent been updating my blog as recently as I should. About 2 months ago we Bas Mitzvah'd with the Shemtovs in the Bronx. Lovely people, gorgeous charming ;-) program (ask me about the charm bracelet idea) and leibidig dancing. Mazal Tov!

Here we are in Bal Harbor Florida, in a house on the water, singing together, Hadassa and I. Life doesn't get much better than that my friends....
Azimov Bas Mitzvah, where I heard a beautiful Bas Mitzvah girl deliver a fantastic speech, maybe the best I've ever heard! Mazal Tov!!
Campus Shluchos Ashreinu Retreat in Bonita Springs. WHAT  A  BLAST. It only ended when the sound people were like ENOUGH, TIME TO GO HOME! Fantastic.

More to come....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bell Bracha Goes To A Wedding

I've heard it so many times. "Uncle Moishy is drilling a hole in my head, but my kids love him." At some point we all relinquish the remote and allow whatever video keeps our kids happy to play on auto-repeat for days on end. And though I hate to admit it, some of the videos have seriously grown on me. Malkali's Hebrew songs now evoke in me a feeling of nostalgia for the 'good ol' days' when my now lanky first grader was still a sweet smelling, smushy round cheeked baby. These playbacks have become the soundtrack of our small family's memories just like Tzlil V'zemer and Country Yossi were the singers that we danced and sang to when we were kids in the 80s.

Young women tell me all the time that I was the first singer they had on their ipods and that when they hear my music it brings them back to elementary and high school. They always laugh sheepishly and admit their 'obsession' to Chanale Fellig but I totally get it. I had some serious music crushes throughout my teen years and to say the first tapes/cds I bought (in the music store in Eton Centre Montreal) affected me to the core is an understatement. Music reaches us like nothing else does and it's all coming full circle today as I finish working on my first children's musical.

With an original script and 5 new songs, the video is fresh and fun. It features my daughter Hadassa as the main character (and yes, she sings!!) and my daughter Yaffa, niece Layla and a some of our friends as the rest of the cast. I am the gorgeous mother :-).  

The amazing Chaim Hershkowitz (http://www.torahtreasure.com/) directed and produced the animation.

I am so excited to share with you a preview of the project we have been working on for a while now....

Bella Bracha Goes To A Wedding.

This one's for the women and girls and it is SUPER CUTE and ORIGINAL, and FUNNY, and DELIGHTFUL!

I can't wait until it comes out.

Here's a teeny preview....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Still I Believe

for all my life
I have been told
that there's a man who has been chosen for a role

he doesn't move 
until the day 
when he'll be beckoned from the shadows where he waits

it cannot be
ill never see
what is the first of any promise made to me

not just a dream
or fantasy
but it's a truth that will become reality

still i believe
still i believe
still i believe
that we are absolutely closer than before

still i believe 
still i believe
that moshiach is now standing by that door
still i believe

im not afraid
to say the words
cuz ani ma'amin means that I still have my faith

it's not a choice
to let it go
its when belief is gone that one can never know

I know ill see
We're in the final days when everything's been done

So now I pray
That all these tears
Will wash away when he will finally arrive   

still i believe
still i believe
still i believe
that we are absolutely closer than before

still i believe
still i believe
that moshiach is now standing by that door
still i believe

For all my life
no matter what
no matter what
i'll keep the dream alive and burning in my heart

No matter what
no matter what 
there's not a chance I'll give it up, i'll give up
cuz i believe

still i believe
still i believe
still i believe
that we are absolutely closer than before  

still i believe
still i believe
that moshiach is now standing by that door
still i believe

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Women's Spa Night in North Carolina!

I've been making up for lost time. We hit the road again last week and headed south for a ten hour drive. Although it was a big trip, was I secretly thrilled to pack my rugged cowboy boots and get my twang on? Totally.

In one of my songs, I sing the words "Last weekend I found time to get my nails done...". This week I actually sang in a nail salon, out in North Carolina. I was greeted with true southern hospitality by the wonderful Shlucha Hindy Plotkin who pretty much single handedly pulled together a beautiful pampering night for the sweet women in her community. Albeit, most of the women were from out of town and totally not 'Southern' we connected. It was a special night y'all (even though it turns out we were in North Carolina not South...).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back to (Back) Singing!

As a frum singer, my work is seasonal. Detract the obvious 3 weeks and Sefirah, include the quiet June-August summer months when people are away, add the 2 big holiday months, Tishrei and Pesach,  and throw in a pregnancy or 3, and you're left with only a few dates that work all around. That said, I am thrilled and grateful to Hashem when I have concerts booked back to back, like I had the last few weeks. 

First was the Bais Shmuel Melava Malka in the home of Chavi Lebovic, a salad chef and hostess with the mostess. Chani gave a great presentation about preparing gorgeous and delicious salads and even though she commented to me that she was "uncomfortable speaking" she did a great job. (I told her not to worry cuz I am "uncomfortable cooking"). It was a cozy night, the kind that leaves you warm and tingly like a nice glass of white wine (see left of picture, there was plenty to go around...).

Chani prepared al of these salads and set up this table. Amazing. I couldn't manage that without breaking a serious sweat. Or at all.
Next was off to Miami for the Nshei Chabad Chof Bet Shvat gathering.
What was especially unusual about this series of concerts was the diversity of the audiences. From the gals in my Shul to my hometown in Miami Beach, the next gig was in front of my childhood, literally. There was my first grade teacher Mrs Bogerod, my elementary school principal Mrs Mermelli, my lovely and adorable aunt Goldie Tenenhaus who brought my favorite great aunt Tanteh Blanka (!!!) plus bunch of old friends from my Florida days. We sang and danced in the gorgeous home of my friend Peri who lives mamash ON the water, I kid you not. I learned a thing or two from the panel of speakers that included Aunt Goldie and old friend Tzippy Lehr. I am always extra thrilled and humbled when I can pick up a spark of inspiration and humor from the wise women who speak at such gatherings. It was a powerful, special night!

The next stop was the gorgeous West Palm Beach where Hindel Levitin (nee Deitch) lives with her 4 little daughters. On Shlichus, she hosted a magnificent program for the women in her community that included a silent auction, desert buffet and inspiring video about great women through the ages.
We had a grand ol' time and although it was hard to see through the spotlight I could hear the laughter and feel the tears. I also managed to grab 2 of the adorable glasses Hindel had printed with my name and a picture of a guitar! Best take-away EVER


The 4th stop of my musical tour, was the glorious Bas Mitzvah of Yakira Rosen. I'll let the pictures do the speaking. (Let's put it this way, I hope one day to have the beautiful family the Rosens do. It was awe-inspiring. Yakira is a very lucky girl to say the least.)
Last but not least was a Kumzits with the girls in Chaya Eidel Seminary in Hallendale. Sigh, to be a teenager again...

And no that is not a little sem girl. It's my Yaffa trying to glean some attention while I try to keep a straight face...Regards from Florida. (Look closely, it's a pretty funny picture...)