Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mishaneh Makom Mishaneh Mazal

To blessed to be stressed is the mantra running through my mind these days.  I have been singing almost round the clock and thanking Hashem every step of the way for the opportunities that keep presenting themselves to me. It's hard to say no when your job is so much more than a job!! Three times a charm for Chabad of Lakeworth and the wonderful Leah Rosenfeld whose woman's evening was so so beautiful as usual. 

This year:
Last year:
Leah do you have pictures from 4 years ago???

I havent been updating my blog as recently as I should. About 2 months ago we Bas Mitzvah'd with the Shemtovs in the Bronx. Lovely people, gorgeous charming ;-) program (ask me about the charm bracelet idea) and leibidig dancing. Mazal Tov!

Here we are in Bal Harbor Florida, in a house on the water, singing together, Hadassa and I. Life doesn't get much better than that my friends....
Azimov Bas Mitzvah, where I heard a beautiful Bas Mitzvah girl deliver a fantastic speech, maybe the best I've ever heard! Mazal Tov!!
Campus Shluchos Ashreinu Retreat in Bonita Springs. WHAT  A  BLAST. It only ended when the sound people were like ENOUGH, TIME TO GO HOME! Fantastic.

More to come....