Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh but there are so many more....

Lakeworth, Florida 12/08/2014


Houston, Texas 10/23/14

Venice Beach Florida 11/16/14

Detroit 12/01/14

Las Vegas, Nevada 09/14/2014


Hallandale, Florida 6/15/2015

Westin, Florida 6/25/2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Non Stop, And Just The Way I Like It

It's been busy. In no specific order, these are the concerts that made January a fantastic month:

First there was the Bal Harbor Unity Event that had such an outrageous turnout, another 200 chairs had to be shlepped in. You can read about the great success that is was here.  Thank you Mrs. Chani Lipsker and Mrs. Menucha Marvin for including me in the beautiful evening.

"In a perfectly seamless fashion, the speakers were interspersed with musical entertainment by the popular singer Chanale, who both inspired the crowd with her beautiful Niggunim, and had everyone dancing to her energetic classic hits."

Mazal Tov Mushky Bruk on your Bas Mitzvah! I've known you since you are a little girl and you have grown into a beautiful young woman just like your beautiful mom. We had such a blast at this leibidig party where the only thing that trumped the music was the dancing that seemed to never end. Not a pair of heels was worn out the door at the end of the night! This gorgeous party was decorated by the amazing Reena Goldberger

I was back in New York last weekend for the Kinus HaShluchos weekend where I sang for the post-seminary girls and listened in on a great workshop from Mrs. Miriam Lipsker about the ins and outs of Shidduchim. She offered some great and tips to the girls and was candid and informative, which all the girls really seemed to appreciate. After some Chanale songs, the girls danced and sang along to some new tracks including "Kach Et Sheli" which we all sang on top of our lungs. I met some sweet girls and really enjoyed the energy that night.

I then sang at the children's Kinus Banquet which was the craziest experience ever. I loved every minute of it and soaked it like a sponge. You can see the amazing pictures and read more about that here
Monday night I drove upstate and watched the temperature drop degree after degree. At 9 pm it was  7 degrees outside but warm and cozy indoors as the guests at the Recharge Retreat enjoyed a musical treat. They absolutely loved the country songs and laughed gleefully the entire night. Afterwards they all gathered round me and we chatted like old friends. My father's cousins from New Square attended and it was great to see them for a change!

A week later, in a much warmer climate I again headed out right after Shabbos to sing and 'kumzits' for the Bais Yakov High School girls at their Motzei Shabbos Melava Malka. What a TREAT!! They were adorable and they danced with such Simcha and joyful spiritedness I wanted to be 16 all over again! These kinds of nights remind me why I am so incredibly blessed to be a singer by profession and Jewish woman by birthright (not to mention a Miami resident!!).

 Last but certainly not least was Elisheva Goldwasser's Bas Mitzvah where together with amazing party planner Chaya Ungar we celebrated in style, at a stunning party outdoors with the gorgeous bay waters lapping behind us. Mazal Tov to the entire Goldwasser family on the celebration of your youngest daughter and sister!