Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I wrote this poem in one sitting and shared it as soon as I completed it. Sometimes it just flows.

Sometimes we coast through life
assuming the road will unravel
in the direction we pursue

But there are signs
there are moments of reflection
and soul seeking
and subtle yearning

So you ask for something from above
you reach out your hand
you need Him to help you
you’re ready for change

You put your faith and fervor 
into this special cause
and this time you’ll move closer
and feel Him in your life again

And remember why you stay committed
why you still try
because the truth is there
whether you see it or not
whether you pay attention to it or not
whether you hate it or not
it’s there

And when you take the time to see it
it slowly becomes the only thing you see
everything is Him
and He is everything
and Everywhere
and All Around
like we sing when we’re young

He is the truth and all truth reflects His truth
He is the good
He is the misinterpretation and abuse of good
He cannot be removed from any of it
Because He is everything and everything is Him

And He sees you, and only you.

So open your heart

Let you mind at ease.

He gravitates to Peace.
To Purity.
To Torah.

It’s all in there.
The Torah that is.

He is in there and the Torah is his.
It’s deep.
And it never ends.

It’s a spiral 
directly above time
unlimited to space or tangibility.
The Shechina.
It’s beyond human scope or capacity.

It’s a feeling of purity of security of home.

Because it created us and we are part of Him.

We are connected, bonded, tied.
613 different ways.

What a gift.
An umbilical cord never cut
always nourishing, never starving.

So revive your spirit on it’s water
and the life it provides

because that is the essence, the core, the center of everything good.


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