Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Oh What A Night"

Last night was the "Ezras Nashim" concert at the Millenium Theater in Brighten Beach, and let me tell you, frum women have it goooood. First of all, Kineret is awesome; so authentic and hot on stage! The show opened with Bracha Jaffe and co. a beautiful, sweet, (very pregnant) young lady from the Five Towns who sang Tefilla Le'ani by Rivkah Krinsky (one of my favorite on her album), another song I didn't know and then Anavim by Avraham Fried. Lovely girl, lovely voice.

After Bracha was a comedy sketch that I missed while back stage with my baby. I heard the laughter and saw a stroller with a giant spongebob squarepants in it so I'm assuming it was entertaining in the least! Finally I was up, starting with Shabbos Queen. See the giant Shabbos Queen on the screen? Awesome no? I then rocked out on the electric guitar for the song Horaini, followed by I Daven, complete with a beautiful slideshow.

Following me was Kineret who sang forever and a day, covering songs by Shwekey, Avraham Fried, Gad Elbaz, as well as a myriad of Sefardic hits. I use the word "cover" loosely cuz she certainly makes them her own. She had adorable dancers in glittery costumes and she was all over the stage and in the crowd. Only negative feedback I overheard, is that she's been wearing the same costumes for years now! Otherwise she's perfection on stage, a real shame the "mener" are missing out.

After Kineret's 1st set, I was back with "Sister, Sister"

Here I am backstage with the Mademoiselle Kineret (who btw is getting married in 6 weeks-how wonderful!) and the Comedienne Malky Knopfler.

Here are some videos.

Thank you to all the Crown Heightsers who came out to show some love! It was a really fun night and I'll see you again next month at Ten Yad where Kineret, Rivkah and I will rock the house!


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