Thursday, October 7, 2010

"There was a sweet girl who had a Bas Mitzvah..."

Meet Yael.

A smart and beautiful girl part of a triplet. These are her 2 brothers.And this is the lovely party her parents prepared for her special day.

Although I've been to Arizona before this was my first time in Tucson which made this wonderful trip all the more memorable for me. First of all, two words: Awesome Party!!! Fresh Pizza straight from a PIZZA OVEN, cake bar, salad bar, pasta bar(!) unlimited soft drinks and just the sweetest Mom and daughter combo ever.
We really had a great time together, watching a slideshow of Yael's life (so far, poo, poo, poo), performing an original dance number to "The Crown of Creation" and dancing the night away until our shoes were worn thin. Yael, Mazal Tov and thank you for sharing you Simcha with me!

p.s. Thanks for the book, we are obsessed (hence the title of the post.); cayotes, cactus, chiles, who knew?



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