Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Warmth in the Storm....

"ok, LOVED your repore with the audience,, everyone got so into it from the teens to the Rebbetzins and you really have a great repetoire of songs from the Neshama. I was crying as you sang the hidden part of me, I guess I am still a real emotionalist, again it was lovely to share the show with you and hope maybe we will have other opportunities in the future...all the best with the new album looking forward ,, and best to you and your lovely little girls.."

Just (barely) got back from Cleveland thanks to the Mesiras Nefesh of a very capable driver who literally put his life on the line to get me to the airport. GOD BLESS YOU. For this trip I got me a new carry-on, remembered to take cds to sell and had my backup ipods all charged. I did however forget my CAMERA, and will be relying on the kindness of strangers AKA my new Cleveland friends to put together this post. So far this is all I got, thanks to Malka and Lory....I'll post more about it later in the day;it's almost seven and I gotta put up some oatmeal for the kiddies. Very normal life going on here,,,

In other news, the new album is in full swing. Here's Schneur banging out some guitar tracks. He's amazing and a breeze to work with.



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