Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Williamsburg Knows How to Have A Good Time

Last night I was back in Williamsburg and it wasn't for some Thursday night Cholent (that's my husband anyways)...I sang for a big group of women who participated in the Mitzvah of Hachnasas Kallah and were treated to a fun night out of ice cream, popcorn and a little bit of Chanale. Personally, I was under the weather, congested and weary but every ounce of fatigue disappeared when I stood up and saw the women's gleaming faces. Such an eager, excited crowd, they absolutely wouldn't let me leave until they (barely) had their fill. I left rejuvenated, with a few new friends to boot. Hope to see you girls again soon, Chaya, Toby, Feigy, Tzurty, and all my new gal pals, it was good to see you again! Here are some pics

In other music news, my new album is titled
"Taking Over My Heart"
It's amazing. And it will be EPIC (Thanks Tzurty;-))
Next month I am in Montreal, Brooklyn and Staten Island. I'll post again soon with more pics , details and possibly some new songs!
Over and Out
Shnuki Shapiro



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