Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Album Review And Giveaway!

So "Taking Over My Heart" is out and unless you have been living under a rock somewhere you must've heard about it, somewhere, somehow. If you haven't, check out my previous post (and the one before that, and the one before that... )

The feedback has been great. One of my music colleagues sent me her thoughts on the songs.

Her Home: 
This song is so stunning and every Jewish woman can relate.
You really got into their heads....pretty ah harmonies! The chorus is so powerful and catchy. Love the "that's the way”s. Nice line pockets from above. One of my faves.

Going to Israel: 
Hmmm, Are you in my diary? lol jk I want to go back to Israel! In the beginning "place to call mine" love how you sang mine. Really fun how song starts off slow and speeds up. Great chorus. I can feel myself getting on a plane when I listen to it. 

Little Pitchers: 
Check out that country sound! Totally fun and different. This song will definitely expand everyones music ear! Your voice sounds so lovely....Your great at that country style. Fabulous ukelele or banjo whatever instrument was used after chorus. Nice electric guitars too. 

Jewish Girls Are Beautiful: 
OMG I don't have words to express how much I love this song! First of all your and Esther's voices flow so gorgeously wow. Chorus is so moving and powerful. Every single jewish girl will feel more beautiful and see how much Hashem loves them by hearing this song. Melodies are great and so relatable. Every girl needs to hear this song. Girls focus way to much on their weight, looks etc so this song touches upon everything they need to hear. 

That fancy World: 
Pretty intro, the guitar and all. Where is she going btw? Great guitars in chorus as well and post chorus. Like the effects on one of the last choruses. Nice star theme throughout. 

May You Be Blessed: 
I definitely relate to the first verse a lot! And the chorus is out of this world, soooo moving, gives me chills, in a good way . Beautiful instrumentation. Nice hebrew addition too. Sweet ending. 

A Mother's Hope: 
Great guitar intro. Ah I bet every mom is going nuts over these stunning songs. You are in their heads! I dont have kids but this song still touches me and has such a nice message. I must say that this is my fave album right now! Second verse is sure to be a tearjerker to all the moms :) wedding part. I am so impressed with the music, vocals, melodies. It's really such a pro and quality sound. 

Look At Me Now: 
Liking that piano and beat. Are you playing the piano? Sweet drumroll before chorus and loove how you sing "good life" ! Gee I didnt know kids were so enjoyable. I guess I have what to look forward to. "Now I know it" at the end is also soo pretty.

 My calendar is filling up with concert bookings including the Ten Yad auction, Wizo's annual tea, and concerts in Boston, Florida, New Jersey, and Minneapolis to name a few. (Then there are the Bas Mitzvah parties! I love performing at all kinds of venues, but Bas Mitzvah parties are really my cup of tea.) So

This is how it goes:


Email me a picture you have taken with me at a concert.

Send me an email saying that you have shared my video "Taking Over My Heart" on your facebook page (with your facebook name of course)

Email me a picture holding any of my albums, with the words "I love Chanale's Music", written on the booklet (or cd).

3 winners will get an entire set of albums. 5 CDS.

My email is chanale@hotmail.com

The winner will be picked November 1st.


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  1. Hey Chanale! im a really big fan of ur music and i would love to be able to play it!! Ive listened to ur new song untill i know the whole thing by heart!! ita an awesome song! Do u think u could post the guitar chords for Taking Over My Heart as well the chords for I Daven and Special Child? Thank u so much!! good luck with new Cd!!!

    Chaya Mushka