Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend In Miami With N'shei Chabad

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Whenever I visit Miami, I return with a pillage of books from my childhood. This trip is no different. My girls were up at six this morning and we spend some time under the staircase stacking piles that we can squeeze into our suitcases. Slowly but surely I hope to reclaim the entire library. (*Note to self-buy more bookcases).
We wasted no time unpacking toys and getting dressed up. If it wasn't so early in the morning I would've been super adorable. But it was barely 7:45 before they demanded access to their dolls, carriages and scooters.
We've taken over my mother's house again. You know how it goes. The more space, the more mess. We're loving the opportunity to play in a kitchen that's the size of my entire New York apartment.

Sound checks and rehearsals are a necessary part of the performing process that I generally have little patience for. Friday, Rivkah and I met at the Eden Rock for a quick run through. I had yet to prepare my song set and the mood in the hall was frantic as the staff worked quickly to set up for the bruncheon. My guitar was completely out of tune and the sound system was boomy and grating. I attempted to get though a song or two before I wrapped it up. "I'm just not feeling it." I told Rafael. "I'm not even sure what I am singing yet!". After 6 years in the "Chanale business" Rafael knows the dynamics of a perfect concert and as long as the acoustics in the room are under control he knows when to leave well enough alone.
Don't take it personally guys. 
But sometimes I just need to see the crowd so that I can snap into it. 
That's better.

Rivkah started the concert with a performance accompanied by Mirele Rosenberger. In her Australian accent she sang like a bird, her sweet voice filling the hall and getting the high school girls up to the front of the room and singing. Rivkah's album "In Your Hands" is on our top ten list and it was such a breath of fresh air for me to see her perform. I honestly love her songs and it was a nice change of pace for me to be on the receiving end of the stage. She totally delivered and I was almost reluctant to switch from audience member to performer.
Some weeks are busier than others and last night followed a series of singing engagements that kept my entire week booked solid. But not all concerts are created equal. As the night unfolded I become more and more aware that this one was to go down in the books.
It was perfection. 
This is the kind of night I dream about. Actually, this is the kinda night all performers dream about. It all came full circle for me last night. A proud Florida girl, the crowd was full to the brim with familiar faces a myriad of cousins, aunts, and extended family. My mother and grandmother beamed from the table closest to the stage, and my kid sister clapped and cheered from the 'teen section' along with all her classmates and friends.
 I recognized many of my elementary school teachers and principals, spotted a few camp counselors, and was amazed at how many friends and classmates were staring back at me. I made a joke about 'not being the slightest bit intimidated' but between me and you I was nothing less than overwhelmed, overjoyed and possibly even a little shell-shocked that less than a week prior to this moment I had no idea I would even be in Miami for Shabbos. Hashem planned this one out because there was no other place I belonged at that moment and I felt the love in return.
It was a finger-snapping, hand-clapping, sheitel-flippin', grand ol' time.
Alison and Chani! Love you girls!
 When Rivkah and I took the stage together, Mirele kvelled.
I should mention that by this time, it was close to midnight on a Motzei Shabbos following an absolutely jam packed schedule of entertainment for these women. But they danced the night away, resulting in one of the latest shows I've ever had. They wouldn't quit and we farbrenged, in song and dance till well after one a.m. But who's watching the clock when history is being made.
 Fifty years of N'shei Chabad. Singing with Rivkah. In Miami. Enough said.
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And now, I am ecstatic to share with you one of my favorite Jewish blogs. In the last few months I have developed some true friendships with other writers, speakers and musicians through my blog and theirs. One of my regular stops is Life In The Married Lane by Rivkie Silver. A trained musician, Ba'alas Chesed and brilliant mother and wife, she is the entire package and I'm looking forward to meeting her in the near future. She has so much to share and I am getting under her umbrella. She also hooked you gals up with a "Taking Over My Heart" review and GIVEAWAY. Head over to her page and tell her why you love listening to music to enter. Wait until the house is quiet, you're gonna want to read it all in one sitting.

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  1. rebbetzin tap? pick me pick me pick me.

    So happy your performance exceeded your expectations. Enjoy Miami. It's 27 frigid degrees here. Your girls look SOOOO happy.

  2. Love your posts Chana'le! You're a great writer!

  3. I love ur blog and songs. This weekend we r preparing for our winter camp and Chanukah. We r lighting the menorah every day on chanukah at the main square and we have winter camp starting in a few days...

  4. I was sitting right up at the front with all the teens! We had a BLAST! I'm so glad you could make it! The convention was amazing!

  5. not one comment about your skirt? It must be said. It is awesome.

  6. so this weekend im hanging out with this fabulous, uber-famous singer. you know Chanale, right? so she's coming to LA and we're hanging out! are you jelous?

  7. Those photos of your daughters playing in the kitchen look WAY TOO familiar! Looks exactly like my daughter's daily antics, right down to the identical dress-up trunk. And I love how you stacked the books!

  8. That photo of your girls sitting on the coffee table and eating... while dressed in all those awesome layers... will be one they will look back at and really remember the essence of their childhood.

  9. Chana-Amen!
    Sara-Thanks, writing gets better with time!
    Chava L-Sounds like a lot of Persumai Nisah going on.
    JeruslaemStoned-Oh yeah, it's DIVINE!!
    Sina-I will be in touch, would love to have coffee with you.
    Leahsthoughs-Seriously, my kids wore those costumes ALL DAY TODAY.
    Gamzu-forsure, it was so not posed. they love to dress up, it never gets old!

  10. Chana-Thanks for the feedback, I had a great time too!

  11. So with the comment generator - what happens if your is the one picked? Just curious.
    That last photo is simply gorgeous.

  12. Are you coming to Bais Rebbe JH in LA?

  13. I love Shabbos Chanukah, even with the mad rush of lighting the Menorah right before licht bentchin, etc. We're going to have a lot of guests Fri. night and then we're going to go to a Menorah lighting on Sunday. They'll have lots for kids, which will be great! A Freilichen Chanukah to you :) Thanks again for my prize!