Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Comedance?

I sang in the Comedance show this past winter. In Boro Park I wore my curly Sheitel, but for the Lakewood show, they asked me to wear a straight one. I had no idea why, until I came and saw 1000 women wearing exactly the same straight wig.

Lakewood, N.J. -- In a surprising, last-minute move, the Roshei Yeshiva and Mashgiach of Lakewood's Beis Medrash Gavoha, the largest Yeshiva in the world outside of Israel, issued a ban of a women's entertainment event that took place in Lakewood's Beis Yaakov High School Sunday night.

The event, entitled "Comedance", was billed as a show illustrating "the journey of life through comedy and dance", and featured women performers singing and dancing in front of an all-female audience. Although the performance met with no opposition when it took place at Boro Park and other venues in prior weeks, that was not the case in Lakewood.

An automated phone call recording reached thousands of Lakewood homes Sunday evening, notifying all household that the Roshei Yeshiva and Mashgiach, R' Kotler, Neuman, Schustal, Olshin and Salomon, had issued a ruling that the performance should not be attended. Ironically, this followed similar automated calls on behalf of the producers of the show that had been placed just hours before, reminding local women and girls to attend the event, which was advertised as a benefit for Tzedaka R' Meir Ba'al HaNes.[...]

The Roshei Yeshiva did not go into details regarding exactly what the problem with the event was, rather, general priciples such as "the spirit of Tznius" were invoked. In any case, the ban seemed to have little effect. Women who attended the event report that the performers played to a full crowd.



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