Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creating the Crown of Creation

Back in summer '04, my 2nd album The Crown of Creation was completed. Although putting together the music comes easy for me, it's a challenge getting a visual for the cover art and with every album, I kinda let the graphic artist "do their thing". When the cds were finally delivered to the Judaica store, I was horrified to see how dark the artwork colors had come out! Luckily, there had been a major printing mistake and the booklets had to be totally reprinted. I had the GA redo the booklet and match the colors to the cd (that had already been pressed.) Here is the original cover,And here is what it looks like today. Ironically, despite the rush job, it is the best selling album. Which do you prefer?


  1. oops its chanie wolf...im signed on Eli's name and cant be bothered to change. :)